Network of commUNITY Partnerships


The Goldin Institute Chicago celebrated the launch of Gather in 2018. Shyne San Diego’s visionary/co-founder, Cynthia Austin is one of 20 Gather Fellows from 16 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North & South America learning, sharing and working together on a global platform for social change.

The Goldin Institute builds grassroots partnerships for global change that are rooted in the power of communities working together to build their own solutions and determine their own future. We achieve our mission by promoting innovative, community-driven partnerships between a wide range of stakeholders and sectors of civil society, ensuring that often excluded voices have a seat at the table of any social change movement.


NATURE HEALS: Victory Garden Sanctuary 501(c)3 is a Beautiful Haven for youth coming from human trafficking & cults. Ensuring a successful future for our guests, we use interpersonal communication & vocational training to encourage a career. All mental & physical healthcare programs are professionally developed using traditional & alternative methods of therapy. The end goal is for our guests to live as happy, active & responsible citizens.



Lady Adalyn Princess Room

Telling your story through the art of imagery can be magically done through graphic design, photo enhancement, and photography. Lady Adalyn supports her clients with story telling for their events, marketing campaigns, and websites. The Princess Room offers women a place where they can receive the royal treatment and playfully express themselves complete with photography packages.



Michele Zousmer

humanitarian Photographer


Michele Zousmer is a visual storyteller and visual advocate. She believes the visual image is a powerful tool that creates a lasting impression of emotion, curiosity, caring and ultimately hope and humanity. Photographs illustrate life in a way that words cannot. She hopes her work inspires others to see we all matter and to care more profoundly.



Bethany Kelly is publishing partner providing authors with an array of services depending on where in the process you are at and what your needs are. She is a creative director, content developer, strategist and production manager. Publishing Partner supports survivors through Project SEEN and Shyne San Diego publishing products.


mission edge 2.png

Mission Edge provides nonprofit and social enterprise communities with the resources and knowledge necessary to make business processes easier and maximize social impact. If your organization is looking to outsource business activities, gain a better understanding of best practices, or tap into expertise in the community, Mission Edge offers solutions!


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We exist to help women experience spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing. We do this by providing a safe living environment along with an array of support services and educational opportunities. Alabaster Jar Project partners with Shyne San Diego for Project SEEN and Business Fundamentals courses to support women in their transition to economic independence.