The Collective Awakening



To your personal power & impact

Our minds have been proven to have the power to overcome perceived limitations and achieve what was seemingly not possible. Thoughts have long been believed to have the power to influence the physical and bring about what we think about. For all the DREAMERS out in the world this message is for you.

The Year of Awakening

2019 is another year of awakening and its power can help us create with greater accuracy the dreams we’ve been longing to achieve. Leading up to this year we’ve worked diligently to bring a halt to sexual exploitation, yet the sex industry continues not only to grow, but flourish. It may feel at times that the hard work being done, lives lost and stories told aren’t making the change we’ve hoped for.

Here I am witnessing the collective awakening. As a global society we are beginning to see the much deeper historical acceptance of prostitution that is so pervasive it has gone unchecked for centuries. More and more are seeing how the sex industry damages children, families and society as a whole. Greater awareness is happening because of the long, treacherous, painstaking perseverance of brave souls who fight every day on behalf of ending violence against the most vulnerable in our world. They have built the foundation for the road ahead to be one when a big shifts are happening…that will crumble any illusions left in the way of our collective AWAKENING.


Awakening is a recognition, realization or coming into awareness of something. To harness the power of our collective awakening we are called to examine within ourselves how we use our lives for creation or destruction. Once awoken to our personal impact on the world around us, we can not deny personal responsibility. We understand our power in co-creation, bringing into existence newly conceived ideas with ease and adoration. When this power is used destructively it breaks down, diminishes and harms ourselves in the process. Power over others is not true power. True power is awakening others to their own power of co-creation.

One of my favorite quotes is “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace” by Jimi Hendrix. When our personal power is guided by love, we experience a genuine desire to uplift humanity. The simplest act of kindness in the face of hatred, understanding in the face of judgement, or peacefulness in the face of brutality are the actions one can take towards awakening the collective. It IS happening! Maybe not as quickly as we hope or in the way we imagined, but there is a lot more information coming into the collective’s awareness as survivors of sex trafficking find their voices, share their stories and awaken to their personal power. Peace is possible, it only takes awakening one person at a time. Together, I believe, the world will know peace.

Cynthia Luvlee